ART by

R. Troy Thorpe

Sculpture in Bronze
Featuring the work of Sculpture Artist Richard Troy Thorpe. 


"The Last Warrior"
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This work is dedicated to all the lost  warriors who sacrificed all to protect their homes, family and lands.  May their proud and defiant spirits always be remembered


I was motivated to do this because I wanted to portray the "Jesus Being Crucified " differently than it had been done before.  It seemed as though all such representations depict Jesus as defeated, beaten down and conquered.   In this work I try and show Jesus as having fulfilled his purpose, having triumphed in what he had set out to do and returning to heaven victorious.  The sculpture is  approximately 42" tall. 


"The Triumph Over Calvary"
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Part of the Sketches collection.     It is about 8" high, and sits on a Manzanita burl.

"As A Man"



This work was inspired by the ancient celtic folk song Bonny Portmore.  The song can be found on the "Visit" CD by Loreena McKennitt.  It tells of the inhabitants on the shore of Portmore mourning the loss of their Old Growth Forests, which were cut down to build ships for the English navy.   Here the girl, representing  the people of Portmore, weeps at the loss. 
"Bonny Portmore"
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